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"On Thursday, December 3rd Kane DiPerna was admitted to the Emergency Room after complications with his urination. What was originally suspected to be a kidney infection was soon realized to actually be a cancerous tumor on his right kidney. We were then informed treatment would involve removal of the kidney followed by 6 months of chemo. Our hopes for this GoFundMe account is to hopefully raise money to help Kane and his parents financially during this time, as well as possibly put remaining money towards a trip to Disney or some other treat for Kane as a reward for kicking cancer's ass. Kane is a special part of not only his family's life, but those who have met him personally and even those who have only experienced him through social media.

December 31st update: We found out yesterday they are now treating Kane for diffuse anaplasia - Wilms tumor. This is a more aggressive cancer and thus has to be treated more aggressively. Meaning his chemo went from a stage two to a five. Next Monday he gets labs and if his platelets are up then he will be admitted for chemo that day.

If you are able to assist in any way we will all be greatly appreciative. If you can't at least please share this and let others know about Kane and his fight against cancer." - from Jeremy James Spicer, Kane's godfather.

On Saturday, January 2nd, Kane and his family were special guests at our annual Wrestle Bowl event. In addition to seats, merchandise and photos with the wrestlers, Kane was invited into the ring for a special presentation where he was awarded the title belt that we have been using the last four years for our junior heavyweight championship division, in the hopes that it would provide him with inspiration and encouragement for his journey ahead...

We thought that we were the ones giving him a special gift, but we were the ones that truly received the gift when we experienced the joy, energy and spirit that this courageous young man exudes. Kane truly touched us all and in turn, we feel the need to help bring more exposure to his journey as he begins the next stage of treatment.

As Mr. Spicer said in his update on the GoFundMe page, any help you can give #‎TeamKane‬ is appreciated... be it with a few dollars, prayers and positive thoughts or a simple sharing of his story. Let's all make sure ‪#‎KaneBeatsCancer‬ in 2016! If you would like to learn more about Wilms' turmor, CLICK HERE.

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