Wrestle Bowl 2015: A Look at the Competitors

The first match announced for the opening round features two men that have been connected to each other in the previous incarnations of the Wrestle Bowl trophy match. In 2013, they were a part of the same team during an eight man tag team elimination match and in 2014, they were the final two competitors in a fatal four way that also featured Jayson Falcone and Johnny Romano. “Flash & Cash” Hayden Price endured and was the last man standing in those matches… but this year, the rules of the game have changed and the winner will have to compete in three matches in order to claim the prize! Lance Alonte is out to prove a point. Shortly after his career began in 2003 he has felt that he has been on the edge of greatness. Having competed all throughout the southeast, Lance has become a staple in the region and has gained quite a bit of fanfare. However, he feels that he has never had his "moment" and is ready for Wrestle Bowl 2015 to be it. Having competed in the last 2 Wrestle Bowl matches he has learned a lot about the returning champion and is ready to capitalize. The saying goes that the third time is a charm and this year Lance is out to make sure it holds true. Hayden Price has the odds stacked against him in this years Wrestle Bowl. A brand new format, more competitors and if you lose, you're out. However, overcoming the odds is something "Flash and Cash" is well versed in. Having only 6 years under his belt, Hayden has been beating the odds his entire career. He has captured the the Continental Championship Wrestling southern states and heavyweight championship and is the returning two time Wrestle Bowl champion. Now with 7 other men coming after that championship, Hayden will have a huge challenge in front of him and the odds once again stacked against him. Hayden is confident that he will once again over come those odds and walk out the 3 time Wrestle Bowl champion!

Another first round match that will see two former foes square off against each other at Wrestle Bowl 2015 on January 31st at the Snyder Armory in Jacksonville! Last April at Invasion at the Armory III, Dagon Briggs came out victorious against Aaron Epic in a hard fought match that left the fans wanting more and Epic wanting vengeance… Aaron Epic will not hesitate to tell you he will win the USWA 2015 Wrestle Bowl. Don't take that statement for cockiness though as he speaks from sheer experience and confidence. During his thirteen years competing, Epic has been involved in some very high profile tournaments, namely the Chikara young lions cup and the Jeff Peterson memorial. His travels have seen him all over the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico where he has stepped into the ring with the best night in and night out. He has his sights set on showing he can leave as Wrestle Bowl champion and with his vast knowledge in ring and his patented fastball punch, he may very well have the tools to do it. Defeating big names, traveling the world, television appearances, tournament wins, championships. Those five things sum up Dagon Briggs. No stranger to competition, this sixteen year veteran know what it takes to win and keep winning. Having fought his way to the top of every company he has worked for, Wrestle Bowl is what he feels will be the spring board to the top of USWA. His experience and love for kicking people in the face will make him one of if not the favorite to win the tournament this year. His hard hitting style is a throw back and something that gives him a definite advantage over most of this years field. Will the 2015 Wrestle bowl trophy be heading home with Dagon? If you don't think so, he welcomes you step between the ropes and try and stop him.

Our next first round match features two cornerstones in the USWA, current junior heavyweight champion, Blain Rage and a man that has been in the hunt for both junior heavyweight and tag team gold since his arrival in the company, Tim Zbyszko! Wrestling is in Tim Zbyszko's DNA. A second generation wrestler, Tim has had some of the greatest minds this business has had to offer at his disposal and has used them to gain a large wealth of knowledge. His last name alone garners him respect and affords him opportunities to bypass obstacles that others from a lesser know name would struggle with but Tim wants none of that. He has vowed to work hard and show everyone that he isn't about taking the easy way up. He is out to prove that he will take no short cuts on his path to the top and becoming the 2015 Wrestle Bowl champion. Blain Rage is a competitor that everyone should be on the look out for in this years Wrestle Bowl as he has the tools that are needed to advance deep in the tournament. Having trained with wrestling legends Dory Funk Jr., Ray Loyd, Osamu Nishimura and Dean Malenko, Blain has picked up a wealth of knowledge that has helped him in his travels all over the U.S. and Mexico as well as seen him hold many regional championships and notable tournament appearances. He is a USWA fan favorite that many predict to win the whole thing. His mix of mat wrestling combined with a seemingly fearless arsenal of high flying moves and the momentum of regaining the USWA junior heavyweight championship make him a definite threat to anyone that aspirations of becoming the 2015 Wrestle Bowl champion.

Our final first round match-up in the Wrestle Bowl 2015 tournament features two very exciting young stars who have made quite a name for themselves in a relatively short time when Kameron Kade makes his debut in the USWA when he squares off against the always impressive Jayson Falcone! Kameron Kade comes into Wrestle Bowl as a relative unknown in the state of Florida and that's the way he likes it. Kameron has quietly built up an impressive body of work in his 4 years as a competitor, amassing an alarming amount of high profile tournament appearances and championships along the way. His tireless work ethic coupled with his opponents unfamiliarity will be his biggest strength in Wrestle Bowl 2015. A true student of the game, Kameron studies everyone and trains to be ready for who ever he steps into the ring against. With his focus solely set on this years Wrestle Bowl championship he has dedicated himself to putting his head down and beating everyone across the ring from to him so he can add yet another championship to that already impressive list. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and no one feels more lucky walking into Wrestle Bowl 2015 that "Mr. Opportunity" himself, Jayson Falcone. Jayson has only been competing for 3 years but has put himself in positions to wrestle the best and earn respect along the way. Having a mixture of styles, Falcone feels he is hard to prepare for and looks to use that to his advantage this year. He is ready for any challenge that may cross his path as he walks into this years Wrestle Bowl determined to once again seize the opportunity and leave as the man holding the trophy!

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